Miklix is the personal website and blog of Mikkel B. Christensen.

The name of the site is just a variation over my first name. No special meaning should be attributed to the “lix” part, although I guess if you really want to look for some sort of higher meaning we can say it’s a reference to the Danish acronym LIX, which is a commonly used index for the readability of text (and thus somewhat relevant for a blog). I make no claims whatsoever about the actual LIX score of the text found here, though ;-)


Ever since launch, the site has supported the global move towards an encrypted web by offering access via HTTPS (in fact, if you attempt to access the site via regular HTTP you will be redirected to HTTPS automatically). I don’t really think there are any sensitive information here, so it is more a matter of principle and privacy that led me to set it up this way – the principle being that it is no one else’s business what you are looking at online, no matter how mundane it may be.

The site is primarily a WordPress-powered blog installation (with some performance improvements specific to my setup), but I expect that a number of of my own smaller projects and developments will also be hosted here at some point.

It runs on a fairly typical LEMP stack consisting of Ubuntu, NGINX, MariaDB and PHP.

Privacy Policy

This site is a fairly standard WordPress installation, which may make use of cookies for session tracking. No personally identifiable information is collected about you.

The site also makes use of a number of third-party scripts, which may use tracking techniques to better deliver content that fits your interests. In particular, the comments are powered by Disqus and the advertising as well as the web analytics I use is provided by Google. Tracking (if any) done by these are out of my control.

If you do not want to be tracked in any way at all, you will need to disable cookies and scripts in your browser (in which case the site probably won’t work at all), or you will just need to stop visiting the site altogether, up to you.


On a more personal note, I live in Denmark where I work as a senior Dynamics AX developer for a large corporation. In my free time, my techy passions lie with open source/free-as-in-speech software and technologies, particularly Linux powered servers, web development, open standards and related software.

When I’m not messing with any of my technology-related interests, I enjoy many different forms of physical exercise (especially indoor rowing on my Concept2 model D), healthy cooking and spending quality time with my beautiful girlfriend.

I am also a big fan of heavy metal music and many of its sub-genres. I try to go to concerts as time allows and I particularly enjoy the outdoors festivals in the summer :-)


You probably don’t need to contact me directly, but if you are really certain that you do, I am the webmaster and my domain is miklix.com. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.