Miklix is the personal website and blog of Mikkel B. Christensen.

The name of the site is just a variation over my first name. No special meaning should be attributed to the โ€œlixโ€ part, although I guess if you really want to look for some sort of higher meaning we can say itโ€™s a reference to the Danish acronym LIX, which is a commonly used index for the readability of text (and thus somewhat relevant for a blog). I make no claims whatsoever about the actual LIX score of the text found here, though ๐Ÿ˜‰

On a more personal note, I live in Denmark where I work as a senior Dynamics AX developer for a large corporation. In my free time, my techy passions lie with open source/free-as-in-speech software and technologies, particularly Linux powered servers, web development, open standards and related software.

When Iโ€™m not messing with any of my technology-related interests, I enjoy many different forms of physical exercise (especially indoor rowing on my Concept2 model D), healthy cooking, home brewing beer, and spending quality time with my beautiful girlfriend.

I am also a big fan of heavy metal music and many of its sub-genres. I try to go to concerts as time allows and I particularly enjoy the outdoors festivals in the summer ๐Ÿ™‚