February 24, 2015

Hello World!

So, the site is now deployed and seems to be working. As any programmer will know, that warrants a “Hello World!” message or all one’s endeavors with the project will be cursed with bad luck for all eternity. True story ;-)

It has taken me a few days to get this up and running, with the phase that took the most time – by far – being deciding on a platform. As I’m a big fan of writing everything from scratch myself, it was with some reluctance that I decided to try out some off-the-shelf CMS/blog platforms – but, I had decided to force myself in that direction to see what other developers are doing.

I was actually very biased against WordPress from the beginning because I knew of its fairly serious performance issues (the cost of being so extremely customizable) from previous experiences some years ago when I also tried to set up a website based on it, but abandoned it due to said performance issues. What kept it in the running was that I have recently made a switch from Apache to NGINX for all my projects and during that switch become familiar with NGINX caching, which will make even WordPress seem fast ;-)

I installed, considered, and rejected a number of other platforms before finally deciding to give good old WordPress a go, despite my previously mentioned bias against it. To my surprise, once I had found a theme I liked, I very quickly had a setup that I was quite happy with. It wasn’t as blazing fast as some lighter weight platforms, but that was a problem I knew caching would alleviate once implemented. On the other hand, it was by far the most full-featured and robust of the platforms I had considered.

I spent a bit of time tweaking a child theme to my liking and the end result is what you see here. I’m not entirely sure what plans I have for this, but I expect to use it largely as a publicly available journal or notebook for things I need to remember myself (and things I figure may be useful for others), and other than that just blog about whatever pops into my head.

I hope you like it, otherwise I’m sure there are other sites on the web more worthy of your time ;-)


Posted by Mikkel

I am a senior Dynamics AX developer by day and an open source/free-as-in-speech software enthusiast by night. In addition to many technology-related topics, my main interests are physical exercise, healthy cooking, heavy metal music and spending quality time with my girlfriend.

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